Lifeline Connection is a small group Living Free Community ministry, offering a faith-based alternative. Our Goal is to provide a relevant & relational non residential model & ministry for alternative sentencing and for individuals who may be in the earlier stages of their addiction. A Life-plan of Recovery is initiated as well as a Life-coach of Accountability and Life-groups of Discipleship.

It was out of the life-changing experience and teachings of Christian renewal movements like the Oxford Movement and Wesleyan Revival, that many of the concepts of recovery came into being. Returning the concepts of AA back to its Christian origins, gives the faith-based community a proven model of 12 steps!

Lifeline Connection uses a variety of small group curriculum that is available from Living Free, and all Lifeline Connection ministries should utilize the five components of recovery, applied through the Life-plan.

One of the goals of Lifeline is to offer clients a faith-based alternative to the groups mandated by the new concept of drug court. Also, offering help to those who are not able to go to residential rehab, or ready to go, or even needing to go. Many of the inmates being ministered to through corrections ministry, prefer and need encouragement and accountability, but choose not to go into a residential program because of time already served by incarceration, and excess loss of family and work time. Each Lifeline ministry is unique, and adjusts to the uniqueness of their community and regional needs.